The Innovative Chat System
that Boosts Sales!

Introducing RetailSmartBot

Now Available for Fine Jewelers & Jewelry Retailers

RetailSmartBot makes live chat better. We’ve known for years that customers love live chat* - Millennials & Gen Z shoppers really appreciate being able to get their questions answered quickly without having to make a phone call.

The only problem with live chat is that monitoring and responding to customer messages takes a lot of your team’s time and energy.

No one can be in two places at once, and if your sales team has a customer in front of them, they’re going to focus on that person and let the live chat wait – which rather defeats the purpose.

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Introducing RetailSmartBot

RetailSmartBot takes the lead in answering customer live chat messages. Powered by an in-depth knowledge of today’s jewelry marketplace and customized with your own store’s information, RetailSmartBot answers questions and motivates shoppers to visit your store.

RetailSmartBot excels at answering the routine, everyday questions that dominate Live Chat conversations – questions like “Are you open right now?” and “What is your return policy?”

RetailSmartBot also answers questions your customer has about buying jewelry, including inquiries like “How big is the average engagement ring diamond?” and “What is this month’s birthstone?” When a customer’s questions indicate they’re very interested in doing business with you and need more personal attention, RetailSmartBot will let your team know with a smartphone notification. Your staffer can seamlessly take over the conversation, already in an ideal position to make a sale!

Let Your Customers Know You Care
– Even While Your Sales Team is Busy!

Shoppers love RetailSmartBot because chat is the simplest, easiest way to get their questions answered. Instant replies make your store look super attentive. Providing high-touch customer service has never been so easy!

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Power Up: RetailSmartBot Advanced

Fine Jewelers and Jewelry Retailers who have a robust, well-built website with lots of quality content will benefit from RetailSmartBot Advanced’s ability to funnel customers directly to the relevant location they need to access on your website – including product pages, custom jewelry creation information, financing options and more.

Try RetailSmartBot Now!

RetailSmartBot helps you provide your customers with the same personalized attention they enjoy in your store. Even better? RetailSmartBot is an incredibly affordable tool: you can recoup your entire investment with a single sale. RetailSmartBot is there to serve your customers all day, every day, answering questions, boosting in-store traffic and generating sales.

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I Want RetailSmartBot, But I Don’t Have A Jewelry Store!

RetailSmartBot is powerful because it is industry specific. We built RetailSmartBot for Jewelry first because we have extensive experience serving fine jewelers and jewelry retailers. Other versions of RetailSmartBot are in development. To find out what we’re working on now and to suggest an industry that would benefit from RetailSmartBot, email us now.

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